What to Bring

Ice Fishing and the ride out to where we are going can be VERY cold so please dress warm and in layers. Being ill-prepared can ruin a good day of having fun out on the ice so please come prepared. Although we will eventually be in a heated shanty, the ride out and back can be VERY frigid. Having poor boots and socks will lead to your feet getting cold even inside the shanty.

The following is recommended for you to bring:

– Warm Boots
– Warm Gloves
– Warm Socks
– Warm Jacket

– Warm Bibs, Carhartt, snow pants, etc…

– A hat that can fit under a helmet. A face mask that will work.

– Food and Drink – It can be a long day out on the ice and we will be miles from shore so bring your favorite snacks, lunch, and drinks.

– Helmet for a ride out and back- ( I do have extra’s but if you prefer to use one that no else has used I recommend to bring your own.) This is a NECESSARY item as it is a law that we have them on.

– Something to put your fish in for your ride home. A cooler or 5-gallon bucket will work just fine.

– Ice cleats (not a requirement but helpful if there is NO snow on ice as it can be slippery)

– Ice picks — people fall through ice every year and having some ice picks are very helpful in the unlikely event that you fall through so that you can pull yourself out.
**** I STRONGLY encourage having these!!****      We can buy them at bait store if you don’t have any. Just let me know that you wish to get some.

– I have poles and lures to use but some people have their own gear so please feel free to bring your own gear if you like.

– Headlamp so you can see in the dark

– Valid Fishing License

– Please bring a GREAT ATTITUDE!!!

************ All Participants WILL BE required to sign a release of waiver as this activity is subject to mother nature and ice fishing has risks associated with it! ***********