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News and information about the ice fishing conditions of Saginaw Bay and the Saginaw River, and other fishing news from around Michigan.

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The Walleye King has extensive knowledge of ice fishing on Saginaw Bay and Saginaw river and many parts of Northern Michigan.

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Ice fishing guide package prices varies on what you are looking for, we offer a wide variety of guide packages to choose from.

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What to Bring when ice fishing on Saginaw Bay

What to Bring

There are an assortment essentials you should bring on your next ice fishing trip, we outline the supplies and gear you should bring with you.

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Latest News

Right now it’s not looking the best for ice fishing on Saginaw Bay this year? We have cold weather coming next week so just maybeee if it stays super cold we mite get some ice fishing in but I wouldn’t bet money on it. For those that have already booked a trip with me for ice fishing if you want to consider jigging the Saginaw River in March out of my Boat for a Plan B plz email me n touch base on some dates you mite want. Especially if you have booked first 2 weeks into February if you want to line up a plan B. If we don’t get the ice and you don’t want to jig the river you will get a refund of course. But I’m already booking some dates for the boat so if you think you want to jig the river for a Plan B plz let me know. I can’t take max 3 per trip. The big ones start coming in end of February and through out March. There’s fish in river now as I’ve fished it twice myself and caught about 30 fish each time in the last week but all small so not worth booking trips now in my opinion. This cold weather coming is gonna shut down boat fishing for awhile. So hopefully it makes up it’s mind one way or the other. Let me know plz. Sincerely Capt. Brian ... See MoreSee Less
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Felt good to be out and fishing in a boat in January today. 40 degrees and light wind. I decided to try the River out today and although there was lots of action just no keepers. They are still running small. I decided to try out the bay but no luck there either. I did manage to find what remains of the ice out there though. ... See MoreSee Less
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Hey everyone, I’m thinking out loud here. I’m concerned about this warm weather. I’m watching the extended weather forecast and through January 17th there is NO good ice making weather for Saginaw bay. Guys in boats are killing them in the bay now trolling for walleyes and I mean killing them. I hate trolling but I’m thinking there’s no reason I can’t get my boat, then motor around until I mark them and drop down over them and jig for them. In theory I would treat it No different as if there was ice. Only difference is I can move a lot easier in a boat if the fish move or disappear. Once we are over them we just drop and jig. There’s no current in the bay also. I’m thinking I’m going up north tomorrow to go get my Brand new Warrior boat and bring it back to Linwood. I’m gonna go out n scout it myself and try it out on Friday. I’m just putting this out there is- IF I land on the fish- does anyone who’s already put a deposit down for ice fishing in February wanna switch and try jigging for them in a boat out on the bay? if warm weather keeps up we might not even have any safe ice this year and from this Friday Jan 6th to about the following Saturday Jan 14th the weather forecast looks pretty good for boat fishing.Also boat fishing is cheaper than ice fishing also fyi…So if anyone mite be interested in jigging for them on the bay over the next week text me or email me and let me know. I’m not gonna give it the green light unless I find them myself but this might be a good chance to take advantage of this mild weather and still catch some nice walleye while jigging for them and Not trolling. Let me know what you guys think. Thank youCapt. Brian ... See MoreSee Less
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