ATV Rental



Can-Am Outlander Max XT 1000R

Price: $250 per day per person   – 10% discount for 2 days or more in a row

This plan is for those with all their own gear except a vehicle! The Walleye King LLC will have a couple of quads available for rent as long as you have all your other gear!  You need gear like a shanty WITH a tow bar for the quad, your own auger, poles, heat, bait, etc…

This plan is for the Do It Yourself person, who knows how to ride and set themselves up fishing. These DIY fishers can follow me out and back to where we will be fishing on the walleye grounds. People with experience riding an ATV and want more independence on their fishing adventure!

* While you can ride independently, you can not go off on your own and ride around the bay. You MUST stay in my group!  The price includes Gas for the machine.*

I will have at least 1 late-model quad that can take 2 people and 1 or 2 other quads that are singles. If you are with someone who is unable to ride an ATV on their own, you must take the two-person quad. For an ATV rental, you must be able to feel comfortable driving a quad. In addition, you need to be able to get all your gear set up on the ice as you move around.  Everyone must have their own helmets and be self-sufficient.

In addition to the ATV, this plan has a guided trip onto Saginaw Bay. When the Great Lake Region freezes, it is a beautiful sight! That is why Walleye King wants to share the wonderful experience with a guided tour as we travel to and from our fishing location. If you’re looking for ATV rentals around Saginaw Bay, then you will never be disappointed with the Walleye King!