About Us

The Walleye King LLC offers guided Ice Fishing trips in Michigan on the Saginaw Bay and Saginaw River.    Owner/Operator Brian Seiferlein has fished in this area for over 30 years and has the hot spots located.

The last few years Walleye Fishing has been super Hot!!   On some days I have literally seen Schools of fish on the underwater camera and have had a limit of under an hour or 2.  And some days we are marking them and they just don’t want to cooperate and they have lock jaw.

Fishing has just been unbelievable!!!

You don’t have to be a pro to catch fish with the Walleye King!    It is a great experience for Novices who haven’t fished before, to bring their family and kids, or for people who are more experienced and just haven’t fished the area and just want to learn where to go and don’t want to waste time trying to find them.    Let the Walleye King do the work for you!!  We will take you to where the fish are and even show you different fishing techniques used to catch them.

Professional Fishing Guide That Stays With You!

Unlike most guides that take you out and just drop you off and then come back at dark and pick you up, the Walleye King doesn’t leave and is out there fishing with you.  So if the fish for some reason is not in that spot we will pick up and go find them.  We take a more Pro-Active approach to fishing.   Some guides are lazy and provide a heated shanty and people sit there, drink their beverages, and catch nothing but they say at the end of the day  “At least we had a good time.”  Or  “A bad day fishing is still better than a good day working.”   Our idea about having a good time is not only the experience but actually catching the fish.   So we are more of an “extreme” Walleye fishing guide on Saginaw Bay that will keep moving until we find them.   So if you want to pay someone money, drop you off, and run the risk of the fish not being there, and then come back at night when it is over to pick you up and maybe you catch fish or maybe you don’t, then don’t call the Walleye King as that is NOT how we roll.

Ultimately mother nature is going to control the amount of fish that we catch but hiring the right person who is out there constantly and monitoring what spots are hot and what spots are not is going to increase your chances greatly.   Brian and his wonderful family of girls love to eat walleye so he is going to do his very best to put you where the action is since he is out there fishing with you also and needs to bring home fish also to eat.

Fishing meet times are usually around 6 a.m. at our cabin in Linwood where we have lodging available also so plz ask about that and check out the lodging tab on this website also for some pictures.

We have the right equipment and so should you.

We will supply as much or as little as you need.    Everything from a heated shanty, ride out and back, poles, lures, and electronics.   (Please bring your own food and beverages). Knowing what to bring on your Walleye ice fishing guided tour will ensure a great time. On our website, we have a lot of information so check it out.

So book now with the Walleye King and get prepared for a great day on the ice!!!



This starts in Mid to late August and runs through September.  We will be fishing out of my drift boat as thousands upon thousands of Coho Salmon make their run up on this small and shallow river.  They have nowhere to go except right by you within a couple of feet.   It is a sight to see as schools of fish come up this river and create a wave as they make their run.  I have personally seen wave after wave of these fish coming up and swimming right next to us.    Book now to reserve your date of choice.

We are now guiding also on Grand Traverse Bay for Cisco and Lake Trout jigging.

The hot time for this is the Month of May when they are piled up on top of each other.  We don’t troll for these we get over them and jig for them and they are exciting to fish to catch so check out my Cisco tab on this page also.