Walleye ice fishing lures

It’s all ‘Bout that Bait, ‘Bout that Bait and Jiggers…

Yeah, Yeah Yeah, it’s more about the lures and the bait are just minnows. Hey! that goes together, right?  Help us out here. Let’s make a silly song that will fund all our ice fishing trips on Saginaw Bay this winter! CMA, AMA, here we come!

Enough of that, this article is about some of the lures our ice fishing guides use when we fish for Walleye in Saginaw Bay or on the river. For the most part the ice fishing lures we use are; Jigging Rapalas, Swedish pimples, Do-jiggers, jig head, jigging shad and Little Cleo spoons – possibly with minnows or a tasty perch eyeball attached as the case may be. Below are pictures of four of the types of lures. Now, we’re fishermen not photographers, so all I have to say is that these actual lures have caught some Big Hogs for Walleye!   please read on…

Here are some of ours:

do-jiggers ice fishing for walleye

Oh yeah, one of our favorites. Great when Ice Fishing for Walleye.

Little Cleo spoons
Little Cleos

On the job for over 3 decades, it is popular when fishing for Steelhead, Trout and Pan fish. We catch us some Walleye too!


We like the Jigging Rapalas! With action like a minnow that’s wounded, they’ve been a favorite of anglers for around 80 years and one of ours too!

Swedish Pipple

Can’t really attest to the “pop” but this baby catches a lot of Walleye as it is jigging through the ice!

Tell us about yours!

We left the comments on so please feel free to share your favorite lures that you use to catch Walleye or maybe a fish/lure story on catching them while you were Ice fishing. Keep it clean!

No pun intended, cleaning and filleting Walleye will be another post.