Guided Ice Fishing Trip

Learn From a Saginaw Bay Ice Fishing Guide!

When it comes to ice fishing for Walleye, there are many things to learn and know to ensure you have the most success with each of your Saginaw Bay or Saginaw River ice fishing trips. Whether you are a first time ice fisher, or have been ice fishing for years, having a guide in Michigan that knows Saginaw Bay, will ensure that you know everything you need to about planning your fishing trip and ensuring the most success on your trip.

When is the best time to Ice Fish on Saginaw Bay or Saginaw River?

To ensure that the water is frozen to a safe level, the best time to ice fish on the Saginaw Bay or Saginaw River is from late December to mid or late March. Of course, because this is Michigan weather is very unpredictable and may cut the season short, or if you are luck, lengthen it.

As well as the time of year, the time of day in which you plan to fish has quite a bit to do with your ice fishing success in catching walleye. The early morning or during the evening are pretty standard answers. With an experienced guide, you can find the spots to catch Walleye during all times of the day.

How do I plan a guided ice fishing trip on Saginaw River or Saginaw Bay?

Planning an ice fishing trip is easy with Walleye King, we ensure that you get a professional guided ice fishing trip for yourself, or to experience it with friends or family. Walleye King will provide everything that you need from a heated shanty, a ride out and back on the ice, to poles, lures, and electronics. Or you can bring your some of your own equipment. We just ask that you bring your own food and drinks.

Important things to remember when planning your guided ice fishing trip:

Ensuring that you stay warm during your guided ice fishing trip in Michigan is very important. If this is your first Michigan ice fishing trip, be sure to ask your guide questions  and you will enjoy one of the best winter sports activity in Michigan!

To plan your guided Saginaw Bay ice fishing trip, give us a call at 231-557-2755. Or go ahead and fill out our form to book now! Again, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate  to contact us.