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Catching Walleye on Saginaw Bay

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News and information about the ice fishing conditions of Saginaw Bay and the Saginaw River, and other fishing news from around Michigan.

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The Walleye King has extensive knowledge of ice fishing on Saginaw Bay and Saginaw river and many parts of Northern Michigan.

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Walleye King Ice Fishing Guide Pricing

Guide Pricing

Ice fishing guide package prices varies on what you are looking for, we offer a wide variety of guide packages to choose from.

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What to Bring when ice fishing on Saginaw Bay

What to Bring

There are an assortment essentials you should bring on your next ice fishing trip, we outline the supplies and gear you should bring with you.

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Latest News

Went fishing today out of Frankfort. I got 3 small kings which wasn’t too bad considering i only use 2 copper line poles. I got 2 trolling and I decided to spot jig (which is I cruise slowly around and once I mark one I spot lock with trolling motor and drop down n jig) and I caught the 3rd one jigging. Cooked one of them on the fire tonight and it was delicious! 😋I was in 90-120 feet and 300 feet of copper gets me 60 feet down. The one jigging I was in 95 feet and he was only 30 feet down in a small school. Tight lines- Capt Brian ... See MoreSee Less
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What a beautiful morning to be out on Lake Michigan after some spring Salmon. I never did it before. I used my copper line and held the pole so that I could feel the bite as I don’t like trolling using down riggers or planer boards as you don’t feel the whack and just fight the boat. I love doing it my way. Once I hooked one I slowed the boat way down and just got to fight pure fish!! I only fished 80 minutes this a.m. and I was blessed with not 1 but 2 salmon!!! 1- 14lb king and a beautiful tender coho! Because I don’t use all that trolling gear my odds are low of catching anything so i was just hoping for 1 fish but I got 2 to make my day and I called it quits after I netted the last one to end on a good note. I was out around 160 feet deep and fished 60 feet down and I was blessed with these spring salmon! God is good!! 😇 ... See MoreSee Less
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Last couple days has been slow fishing on Traverse Bay. The new Indian nets have put a hurt on the fishery here. Cisco bite has been slow. I did manage a master angler Cisco today at 21.4 inches. (Need 20 inches) Plus I lucked out as a DNR biologist was there to officially measure and weigh. Very few of these fish will be left in the future now that the Indians can net TC bay under the new DNR Consent decree. Water temp was 48 degrees. Fished 35-65 feet. ... See MoreSee Less
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