Walleye fishing regulations changed!

As an ice fishing guide on Saginaw Bay and avid angler, I like many other fishermen are not a big fan of this change. After quite a lot of debate and opposition, the DNR announced the change that affects Walleye and Yellow Perch fishing on Saginaw Bay and up to the Center Road Bridge on Saginaw River.

Only on Saginaw Bay and River

The daily limit for catching Walleye has been changed from 5 per day to 8 per day and the size limit has changed from 15 inches and lowered to 13 inches. 

Possession limit for Walleye is now 24 as long as the previous days catches are processed.

The possession of Yellow Perch has been lowered as well, from 50 to 25 per day. The fishing seasons on these waters has not changed for either fish.

Now, for ice fishing guides, this should be a great year for Walleye fishing on Saginaw Bay!  If the intended change works, the walleye will grow bigger with more yellow perch as prey. As your guide we will be looking to make the bigger catch anyway. I’m not going to reopen the debate, I just think they could have increased it by one to 6 a day and leave it at 15 inches.  The point now is that it is up to everyone fishing (ice or no ice) to fish responsibly.

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